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Ten Tips to Being Your Own Valentine

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Learn to be in Love with Yourself and Attract the Love You Desire

Valentines day is nearly upon us and for many is a reminder to re-connect and to celebrate this special time with partners, wives or husbands.

Have you ever been disappointed with what should have been a special day? Have you expected flowers, chocolates or a candlelit romantic dinner? From the perspective of a partner have you ever felt judged, had a sense of whatever you do is not enough or thought ‘why bother anyway?’

I now feel immense gratitude for the loving relationship I have with my husband, and I haven’t always felt this way because of feeling caught in the trap of searching for something I felt was missing rather than appreciating what I already had. This left me feeling discontented, unhappy and lonely.

This is not always the case for everyone, and we all have our own stories to tell. Things changed dramatically within my relationship when I was able to connect to a deep sense of love within my own self which had seemed to elude me for many years.

What if you could connect to love without expectation or wanting for more.

Many of us have unresolved needs around feeling unloved which go back to childhood. Seeking to get those needs met in our partner or someone in our current life can lead to dysfunctional relationships.

When we take the time to meet our own needs and develop a sense of self-worth we attract the same from others.

We all know at a deeper level we are capable of feeling love, and yet how easy is it when our hearts have become hardened and shut down because we fear going through the same hurts we have experienced in the past. Ironically it is the thoughts, feelings and staying in the same patterns of behaviour that seem to attract the same or similar unhealthy relationships.

Below are some simple tips to help with the re connection to the love within.

Ten top tips:

  1. Verbalise or write down what you would love

  2. Appreciate what you already have

  3. Let go of expectations

  4. Envelope your heart area in feelings of love

  5. Notice sensations in the body

  6. Turn up the volume of these feel-good feelings

  7. Invite your loved ones into your heart

  8. Nurture yourself

  9. Enjoy what is in each moment

  10. Share what you have with no expectation

Guidelines to Being in Love

Know that this Love is in each and every one of us, and we can only take responsibility for being in Love with ourselves, no one else can do this for us. Practice the awareness and inviting an expansion into what is already there and this will ultimately lead to a deeper connection.

I spent many years searching for love from others which came over as a neediness, ultimately pushing people away and left me feeling confused, lonely and ultimately depressed. In time I became aware that the only place it actually existed was within me. This realization and direct experience of this love within me enabled the old behaviour to fall away leading to much healthier relationships.

There are many techniques and guided meditations which I would love to share with you. I now work using skype, on a one to one in my home or offer workshops with small groups.

To discover how you can create a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your loved ones. There will be 8 places available for Gill’s upcoming workshop.

Connecting to the Love within

  • Release blocks and enable you to feel more fulfilled

  • Let go of expectations

  • Attract more loving relationships

  • Feel a deep sense of love within you

  • Give you tools to create change within your relationships

“I would recommend Gill to anyone who feel they have a block or suffering in any way. The empathy she feels is so important to the healing. It helps so much when you reveal the darkest places in your heart”. Michelle

Workshop with Gillian Routledge

Date: Saturday 31st March 2018

Time: 10 – 5 pm

Location: Tyrolean Lodge, Main Road, Yapton, Nr. Arundel. BN18 0EA

Cost: £125


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