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One-day Retreat


A one day retreat is ideal if you want maximum support to help you through your most difficult challenge. It includes a midday meal, and a bespoke programme designed for your needs. Diving deeper into discovering how your personality impacts your relationships. Learning more about 'The awaken to Love' method, exploring how to manage your emotions more effectively, walk and talks, Reiki, advice on diet, exercise and much much more.  Whatever you need, your day will deliver it in abundance. 

A one-day bespoke retreat with soulful food and nourishment cost £450 (one to one) or as a group £175 per person

Two-day Retreat


To get even deeper into resolving your issues and challenges, whether that's health, relationships, career, abundance or severe childhood trauma, a two-day retreat will help you discover who you really are. It will inspire you to become the best you can be. As with the one-day retreat, it includes a bespoke programme designed for your needs.  For example uncovering limiting beliefs along with how to re program old unconscious patterns of behaviour that may well be keeping you stuck or in an old loop. Tapping into your abundance. This day also includes meals, and free weekly zoom calls and access to members portal.

  • A two-day bespoke retreat with soulful food and nourishment costs £550 From 1st April '23 to include an overnight stay. (one to one) or as a group £250 

Contact Gill to arrange your retreat


To find out more and to discuss your needs, please call me on 07866 037951 or email me at

“I have tried many things over the last 19 years since my husband took his own life but none as effective as The Journey. I cannot praise Gill enough for her gentle empathetic approach and her guidance through the process. The experience was one of wonder and although initially painful has released so much stored pain that I have been carrying in my body for years. I am more at peace one week on. I feel so much stronger which is growing. I am able to accept my life as it is now with an inner knowing it is going to change and become more fulfilling.  I no longer carry the pain or fear emotions as they come. I am confident that I can feel emotion and let it pass through my body without the panic.

I now feel able to continue my life with hope and new found peace. It has been so many years of tears.


I would recommend Gill to anyone who feel they have a block or suffering in any way. Gill is truly a wonderful person. The empathy she feels is so important to the healing. It helps so much when you reveal the darkest places in your heart.”

"Helena had been struggling with M.E., constantly feeling tired and believing she was not even physically able to get out of bed, let alone travel by train to West Sussex. A session over Skype enabled a change in her beliefs around energy and she felt inspired and motivated to do whatever was needed to help her body recover. The following was written after spending two days with Gill in her home."

From the time I met Gill at the train station, I felt held, supported, nourished and at ease with her. Over the two-day retreat, using a variety of emotional therapies, body work and spiritual healing, Gill nursed me, challenged me, walked with me and above all strengthened me. In her company, supported by beautiful home-cooked food and plenty of fluids, my body relaxed and my mind became still, so that I somehow became more myself.


I trusted Gill completely; her considerable expertise, her empathy and her enormous powers of intuition. She truly is a healer of body, mind and spirit. As I travel back to London, writing this on the train, I am aware that huge shifts are occurring in my life. The spontaneity of the past two days has brought about a freedom that cannot really be conveyed in words. For anyone reading this I invite you to experience Gill’s retreat rather than merely reading these few utterances of appreciation and gratitude for one of the most beautiful Souls I know.”


London, UK

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