One-to-one therapy

Using my combined therapy skills, I will work with you in a way that will help you most. You are welcome to visit my consulting rooms. However, much one on one work can be done effectively over Skype, so distance need not be a problem. For instance:

  • A one-hour session of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) over Skype is £50.

  • A Journey process takes around two hours and is £150. This includes follow up phone support.

Contact Gill 

Please call for more details and to discuss how to best meet your needs, contact Gill Routledge, qualified Journey Practitioner and NLP expert.

"Gill I have had great news today. I got my results of the post-treatment scan. It said I do not have cancer anywhere else, but the exciting part is that the bones show evidence of healing. New bone is growing over the area where cancer existed before. I think it was Journey and will tell people so. Thank you!"  


Chichester, UK