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One-to-one therapy

Gillian works remotely via zoom and face to face from her private consulting room. The first step is a free discovery call to ascertain what you need.

Limited concessionary places available on application. Sessions are fortnightly for approximately one hour. For those on a limited budget; For example nurses, carers, or stay at home mum's. Sessions available via telephone or zoom. Full 6 sessions : £900.00 payment plan of £75 per week or £300 per month


The work includes learning how our personality type, family history and past experiences influence both the relationship we have with ourselves and others. How to change the old patterns. New ways of being can be learnt and embedded at a conscious and subconscious level. You will see incredible results after the first session.

  •  6 sessions; one to one in Gillian's studio. (time can vary according to what is required) includes:

  • Follow up calls

  • Email and or recorded feedback

  • Access to members portal for exercises and support

  •  Access to fortnightly live zoom sessions

  • Worksheets 

  •  : £1,500

  • For payment in full this includes an extra session.


  • Payment plan available if required.

  • 12 sessions face one to one in Gillian'Studio includes:

  • Follow up calls

  • Email feedback

  •  Access to members portal with exercises and support

  • 3 or more follow up calls between sessions

  •  Access to fortnightly live zoom sessions

  • Membership to support group calls

  • Place on a full day workshop (normal cost: £150

  • Total - £2,500

  • This package will give you the opportunity to train, learn and practice the skills with friends and family.

Couples work: To include all of the above for 6 one to one or via zoom sessions



30-day money-back guarantee.

Ability to pay in installments.

Contact Gill 

Please call for more details and to discuss how to best meet your needs, contact Gillian Routledge, Accredited Journey Practitioner. Author and 'Founder of The Awaken to Love Method.'

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"Gill I have had great news today. I got my results of the post-treatment scan. It said I do not have cancer anywhere else, but the exciting part is that the bones show evidence of healing. New bone is growing over the area where cancer existed before. I think it was Journey and will tell people so. Thank you!"  


Chichester, UK

"Worked with a beautiful soul. Her words on 'The Journey'and her expereince.


'From self destruction to Self Love'

'From Despair to Hope'

'From Darkness to Light'

'From Nothing to Everything'

'From Emptiness to a Wholeness'

From not believing to having Belief'

'A Connection of two Souls'


After starting on this beautiful journey with Gill. A journey of healing, exploration, hope and love. I feel able to start looking after my soul, love the person I am and have hope for the future. Through a connection of souls, I feel loved, nourished, held, heard and full of light, blue skies and freedom."


Thank you Gillx Love Holly.

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