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Meditation and Podcasts

Stone Tower

30 mins

Soul Journey of Love
Interview with Monica from Spiritual Kitchen

This interview speaks of Gills challenges around an inability to express or receive love. How she built layers of protection through painful experiences in life. In this interview Gill shares how her realisation that ‘Love is all there is,’ changes her perception. She talks about the importance of being open, willingness to receive love and the need for vigilance to change old habits. Gill gently encourages the listener to let go and move through comfort zones. How forgiveness, developing a meditation practice and being in nature helps with connecting to our purpose in life. Tips and easy to implement/fun exercises are shared to help with starting and maintaining a healthy practice to being open to receiving and sharing the love.

The Journey, Spiritual KitchenGill Routledge
00:00 / 30:16
Long Train Ride

20 mins

Interview with Neil from Radio Jackie

Gill explains what the Journey is, the difference it has made in her life and how ‘The Journey’ came into being. Brandon’s experience of accessing old memories stored at a cellular level and the significance of being able to switch on or off cell receptors. The statement ‘The body knows how to heal naturally’ is looked at and how releasing deep stored emotions makes a difference. The power of forgiveness and what gets in the way of this is discussed, and the gratitude for the changes in relationships with her immediate family.

Gill Routledge - Podcast on The Journey - NeilGill Routledge
00:00 / 20:33

5 mins

Reflection and Effortless Action

Gill talks about reflection and the effortless affects this has on the body...

Reflection and Effortless ActionGill Routledge
00:00 / 04:48
Pebble Beach

5 mins

Living your Purpose
Living your PurposeGill Routledge
00:00 / 04:51
Science Museum Space Exploration

9 mins

Healing meditation for headaches
Healing meditation for HeadachesGill Routledge
00:00 / 09:59
Yoga Session

5 mins

Focus Group with Gill
Gill Routledged - Podcast on FocusGill Routledge
00:00 / 05:03
Image by Chaney Zimmerman

16 mins

Letting go of old patterns
Letting go of old patterns and 6 step re-frameGill Routledge
00:00 / 17:24
Enjoying a Book

7 mins

What is our purpose & gratitude
What is our purpose and gratitudeGill Routledge
00:00 / 07:16
Patentability Search

5 mins

Stop the search and find gratitude for what we have
Stop the search and gratitude for what we haveGill Routledge
00:00 / 04:38
Palm Trees Beach View

6 mins

Being present in the moment practice
Present moment awareness practiceGill Routledge
00:00 / 07:05
On the Beach

13 mins

Letting go - "Who Are You"
Letting go and who are youGill Routledge
00:00 / 13:53
Couple in Love

21 mins

A Deeper Connection
A Deeper ConnectionGill Routledge
00:00 / 21:48
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