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Group therapy

Regular workshops are available to experience working with Gillian. This is a day not to be missed with good food, great company and learning new and transformative skills that may well transform the way you view the world and your part in it. To gain the most from this the groups are kept small. A variety of approaches and skills are used to access and release the blocks or issues that are keeping you stuck. The day can include dance, meditation, group and partner exercises. Also opportunities to rest, relax and rejuvenate. When possible taking some time out to connect with nature and re-connect with yourself. 


"Extremely worthwhile workshop, loved it. Gill is a gifted practitioner, who has an intuitive way of seeing beyond the obvious and facilitating change and journeying with compassion and insight." Nina


Brand New Workshop: Unlocking Your Potential

This workshop is for you as a therapeutic practitioner and conscious soul, if you have a strong desire for change not just for yourself but for the lives you touch.  Maybe you have tried many tools and techniques and yet still feel there is a missing link in the equation. Despite your best efforts are you or those you are working with or your relationships remaining stuck emotionally, mentally and physically. Or maybe you feel the need to re-charge your batteries, along with spending time in good company and enjoying some healthy nutritious food.

“Today was really inspiring, I felt doors were unlocked and chains were broken. I was able to be really open and honest with people I don’t know.  It felt really safe to go through the process. I would definitely recommend this day to anyone who wants to be healed from anxiety, cluttered thoughts or pain. After today I feel peace and a new clarity that it is OK to live in the present. I am loved and accepted and have the freedom to be myself without fear of judgment or rejection.”

"It's been one of the most tranquil, peaceful, still days of my life. My body feels so soft and comfortable. My mind is at peace and I feel nourished on all levels". Helena

"Thank you very much Gill for a wonderful day and a blissful experience." Paddy

"No words, just gratitude and love. God bless."

Jill​, Chichester, UK

"A thoroughly enjoyable morning, ending in a healthy & nutritious lunch of the morning cookery projects. A mountain of new tastes to experience & Gill is very knowledgeable in her subject.

Even having time for a twenty minute meditation just to cleanse the mind and untangle the thoughts."


Highly recommended, thank you Gill.



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