Group therapy

Regular workshops are available to experience Journey work. Working with a small group you will partner with the person of your choice to explore your limitations, release and let go of limiting beliefs and set yourself free. If you're willing to be open and honest with yourself, you will gain inspiring insights. If you wish to continue with your personal journey.

Contact Gill

Contact Gill to discuss and Book a workshop. Please call for more details and to discuss how to best meet your needs, contact Gill Routledge, a qualified Journey Practitioner.

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“Today was really inspiring, I felt doors were unlocked and chains were broken. I was able to be really open and honest with people I don’t know.  It felt really safe to go through the process. I would definitely recommend this day to anyone who wants to be healed from anxiety, cluttered thoughts or pain. After today I feel peace and a new clarity that it is OK to live in the present. I am loved and accepted and have the freedom to be myself without fear of judgment or rejection.”

"It's been one of the most tranquil, peaceful, still days of my life. My body feels so soft and comfortable. My mind is at peace and I feel nourished on all levels". Helena

"Thank you very much Gill for a wonderful day and a blissful experience." Paddy

"No words, just gratitude and love. God bless."

Jill​, Chichester, UK