Attracting Abundance and letting go of Money Issues

We know there is a strong correlation between our earliest memories and experiences that form our beliefs and have a knock-on effect throughout our life.

My earliest experience/memory around money, especially autonomy of my own money was around the age of 7. I had a small amount saved and remember having a strong urge to walk to the village post office/shop and buy some sweets. When my Mother found out she was furious, and of course she felt she needed to guide me in the best direction around saving and spending. However, her emotional reaction was less than healthy nor was it coming from an objective view. Her beliefs around money were based on lack and it was abundantly clear that she harboured a sense of lack in her life. This of course came from her childhood experiences and growing up during and just after the war when rationing was in place. Then there is the question of why my Father had a different attitude towards money even though he also lived through the latter half of the war. He always seemed to find enough for anything he wanted and appeared generous with friends especially socially.

On reflection, for most of my life I have had a conflict around earning, saving and how and what is a priority to spend my money on. There has not always been an issue for me on an ability to earn money and I put this down to witnessing my Mother’s dependence on my Father and having to ask for anything she needed. I remember making a vow growing up that I would be financially independent and this served me to a point and hindered me in the respect that I found it difficult when it was necessary to ask my husband for financial support or indeed to receive it. In my married life the boundaries have felt blurred around the issues of finance which has sometimes led me to be secretive about what I choose to spend my money on or needing to ask permission.

Could this have a link to the early memory mentioned with my Mother? I honestly do not know and yet it seems as if this along with numerous similar situations may well have had an impact.

I find it fascinating to unravel possible connections and what interests me even more is how to overcome our limitations around our ability to be abundant and how the possibility of changing our thoughts, belief systems and emotional responses can really make a difference to a healthier outlook towards money.

M aster the art of making money grow

O wn your autonomy of how and what you choose to invest in

N ote down all income and expenditure

E njoy this commodity and use it wisely

Y ou and you alone are responsible for your attitude to wealth


Below some simple suggestions which I have found to make a huge difference to my relationship with money.

  • Practice cultivating thoughts to manifesting & tap into the energy

  • Put aside 10% of your income

  • Keep an account of all outgoings in a cashbook

  • Use cash rather than cards whenever possible

  • Cultivate gratitude for what you already have

I would love to know any practical tips that work for you. Also please do share your earliest memory in connection to money and how this may have affected your relationship with it over the years. The beliefs you bought into, adopted or struggled with.

I am currently helping others to overcome their issues and beliefs around money. I use energy work and the law of attraction to feel and be more abundant in all areas of life. this includes relationships, health as well as financial wealth.

Attracting Abundance Workshop

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We have all inherited limiting beliefs, which can hold us back from realising our full potential. Sometimes they are so firmly ingrained we have no idea what is holding us back in life.

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