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Unlocking your Potential

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

My name is Gillian and back in 2005 I came across a radical form of emotional healing that changed my life and enabled me to unlock the potential I knew was there and yet had no idea how to tap into. Since then I have not looked back. I continued to train and qualified as an Accredited Journey Practitioner in 2008 and now help many men and women feel more empowered and free to live their life to the full. if you know there is more to life and you have a purpose yet to be unlocked and yet feel held back or blocked in some way please continue reading…

'The Journey to Love' with Gillian helps to release emotional trauma from the body’s cells where it can lead to ill health, this process helps thousands of individuals struggling to overcome personal battles in their life and relationships.

I love sharing this simple method with those who have a strong desire to change.

The Workshop

I am calling all men, women and couples who are at a point in life where it is no longer working to either ignore or attempt to fix the issue.

This is for you if you:

- know there is more to life and you know you have much more to offer and yet know something is holding you back.

- Have tried medication, special diets and rigorous exercise regimes, or ignoring your own needs by trying to fulfill the needs of others.

- Invested heavily in time and financially trying to find ways to fix the issue.

- If you have the courage, determination and willingness to embark on a path of change that will impact your life and those around you for a more positive future.

I have helped hundreds of individuals to discover their potential and I now work with more couples to cross the chasm of despair within their relationship.

Does this workshop sound like something that could help you?

If so, you will spend the day immersed in a nurturing environment, enjoying nourishing food and learning new skills to take away and use with yourself and loved ones.

You will leave feeling refreshed, released from old limitations and more free to be who you really are.

Details and How to Book

WHEN: February 2023

WHERE: Tyrolean Lodge, Main Road, Yapton, West Sussex, BN18 0EA

TIME: 9.30am-5.30pm

HOW MUCH: £175 per person (Bring a friend or partner for £75 each)

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Lunch and Refreshments (fresh juice on arrival, along with healthy snacks and a nourishing vegetarian lunch)


Click here to book and register.

Or alternatively for more details or to have a free twenty-minute consultation with me…

email: or call on: 07866037951

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