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Buy Refurbished Record Players

Remember the old days of going to the record store and flipping through the hundreds of albums? This display stand was designed with that nostalgic event in mind. This display comes in three sizes: Single, Dual, and the above pictured Triple Display. Click the button below to view our record stands.

buy refurbished record players

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View our extensive collection of previously restored and sold stereo consoles and record players. As the leaders in vintage stereo console restorations, we have the satisfied client history and sales to prove our service, quality and dedication to the legacy of vintage stereo conservation.

Buying a refurbished vintage turntable from the Turntable Doc means you get my Lifetime Labor Warranty. As long as my eyes work and I can hold tools, I will do all that is in my power to keep your turntable running. You only pay for any worn or damaged parts. This is a much better deal than buying an entry-level new turntable which is made from inexpensive materials and will only have a 1-year warranty. I stand behind my work.

Record Player: Generic term for a record player. Variable Speed: Player speed can be adjusted. Good for matching beat or key signature.T4P : A fixed tonearm design requireing no adjustments for proper operation.Turntable: A manual record player. You start the record and cue the needle at the end of the record.Semi Automatic: You start the record but the tonearm cues and returns automatically at the end of the record.Fully Automatic: Record begins playing at the touch of a button and shuts off automatically.Record Changer: This is a fully automatic record player that also lets you take a stack of records and play them in succession.Phonograph: This is a fully self contained record player with its own speakers and controls.

Planet of SoundIf you're just getting into vinyl collecting, Planet of Sound is a great first stop for helpful advice and guidance. Although they have record players that retail upwards of $35K, they'll only sell you what you need within your budget.

Audio OasisAn audiophile's paradise in the east-end, Audio Oasis carries top-quality record players and accessories. Pay them a visit if you're looking to build or complete your dream hi-fi system.

Ring AudioRing Audio are the kings of vintage when it comes to stereo and hi-fi in Toronto. They refurbish and sell record players ranging from humble to high-end making this shop a great place to start building your system or to make an upgrade.

June RecordsJune Records stocks turntables, cartridges, preamps, amps, and speakers (and the ultimate turntable accessory, records). They aim to be a community hub for vinyl format enthusiasts.

This classic, plug and play USB turntable gives you the most inspiring hands-on experience you could ever need. The TT-1100USB belt drive turntable comes with a classic style manual belt drive along with a USB port that provides connectivity to both PC and Mac. Built on a robust enclosure, this vinyl player effectively eliminates any external vibration feedback and has a precision aluminum tone arm for road ready durability, and superior tracking even in the most difficult conditions. Whether vinyl enthusiasts or digital DJs, all will love the familiar design and compatibility with the current digital record player.

A fantastic BeoGram 6500 record deck fitted with a newly refurbished MMC5 Stylus. Highly sought after being one of the last produced deck from B&O. Professionally packed and ready for worldwide shipping.

A winner of an Editors' Choice Award from The Absolute Sound and a Stereophile Recommended Product, Marantz slays the competition with the TT-15S1 turntable. Designed by Marantz and built by Clearaudio, TT-15S1 is a contoured acrylic table outfitted with an outboard motor, a thick inert acrylic platter on an inverted bearing, special anti-resonance isolation feet, and a sophisticated tonearm with an anodized aluminum armwand. Yet what makes this analog package an even better value is the inclusion of the fantastic Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood cartridge ($1,100 value). Backed by our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee and Marantz's one-year parts-and-labor warranty (for refurbished products), TT-15S1 offers sound quality on par with 'tables that cost twice its price.

Purchasing our vintage electronics gives you the ability to play media as it was back in the day. You can play your favorite classic movies and listen to music from decades gone by. Some of our products are new and others are Spencertified. Entertain your friends and family with VHS-to-DVD converters, DVD-VCR combinations, video cassette recorders and much more.

"... I had placed four orders with Amazon....3 of the recorders did not work... fourth order was canceled by the seller before shipping with no explanation... SpenCertified let me know when my order placed and kept me fully updated during the shipping process. The recorder arrived in about 4 days (much quicker than I anticipated) and works perfectly. The box included the recorder, remote and users' manual as advertised..."

The good news is that in the last 12 years, reel-to-reel players have seen a huge resurgence. More and more music enthusiasts and even artists are realizing that the best quality comes from reel-to-reel systems. That's probably why you're reading this article.

Created by Christophe Martinez, in Pleumeur-Bodou in Brittany France. After 4 years of development, the TP-1000 GE is the result of designer's expertise in electronics combined with mechanical precision. The TP (Tape Player) is a basic analogue tape player at 38.1 cm/s or 19.05 cm/s, while a model that records is in development, reference TR-1000 (Tape Recorder).

The built-in playback amplifier is based on the new audio electronics of the M 051 master recorder and features electronically balanced outputs. The right and left channel are on separate circuit boards. As is usual with studio equipment, the playback level, treble and bass can be calibrated separately for each speed via especially low-noise and low-distortion trimmers. For both speeds, 19 cm/s (7.5 IPS) and 38 cm/s (15 IPS), CCIR and NAB equalizations are available which can be switched on the control panel and are shown on the display.

It is an entirely newly designed professional reel-to-reel tape location recorder and playback machine that meets and exceeds the highest demands of recording engineers and the most serious audiophiles. It is a tool to record and playback magnetic tape at the absolute highest levels according to the manufacturer.

Based in Switzerland, Techtrader offers the famous ReVox B77 or PR99 tape recorders fully refurbished. The company offers B77 or PR99 conversion kits as well. Their products are typically found for sale on Reverb. Fully restored B77 decks are in the $6000 range while PR99 models are in the $7000 range.

The SuperRecordDeck incorporates a new oscillator system, built specifically for UHA by a British company, that offers an extremely high degree of stability. The oscillator is on a separate board to provide maximum isolation for the audio circuits. The idea behind the design is to provide a steady sign wave rather than sawtooth waves as with older designs. This design minimizes possible distortions in the recording process. UHA is located in Stafford, VA, USA.

Reverb is a marketplace for musical instruments, related gear, recording equipment and the like. It has high standards for the rating of equipment, seller reviews and customer service. This is the one we use the most and trust. RX Reels sells our products on Reverb.

If you have any high-end audio equipment that needs to be repaired, calibrated, maintained or simply set up correctly, look no further than The Audiophiles Clinic, who can offer a complete service for any professional recording studio or high-end audio enthusiast. The Audiophiles Clinic is owned and run by a highly-experienced electronics engineer, acoustic engineer and self-confessed music geek. It is based in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK and in addition to equipment maintenance, including reel to reel, they offer a range of services including consultancy on installation and creation of sound rooms, vinyl restoration and audio transfer services.

For the Vinyl Enthusiast looking to add quality to their collection. These records from Harry's collections are worth a pretty penny and are in near mint condition. Enjoy your VPI Tables with only the finest music.

Looking for something that would amaze anyone who walks into your home? Are you a collector of high end products? Do you want something so rare, you can't find it on Amazon? Harry's Record Collection has it all, including records worth $500+ each. Select a tier ranging from $100 - $500 and you'll get a single record worth that much.

The Victrola warranty extends only to products purchased from authorized sellers, and does not cover products purchased from unauthorized sellers. Goods sold by unauthorized companies are not purchased from Victrola; instead they are acquired from a host of other sources, and can be pirated goods, damaged, defective, refurbished, or stolen goods. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, these products are not entitled to Victrola warranty coverage.

While Manhattan has long been one of the best places to shop for vinyl records, Brooklyn has become something of a hidden gem for audiophiles throughout the city. The best record stores in Brooklyn have sprawling collections of both new and vintage LPs, and finding your favorite genre is simple.

The experience in Brooklyn varies from spot to spot; some of the record stores are small but have some truly rare vinyl and other stores are truly massive with library-like collections. In fact, the borough is home to one of the largest stores in the city itself! 041b061a72


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