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Couple Rings is typically admired for its sentimental value, regardless of style or price. As gifts or passed through generations, they carry within them a story, emotions and memories... Rings for women are not an exception to this rule. When gifting a ring women, it's crucial to keep in mind the meaning of these jewelry. By omitting the hidden meaning of a ring, you may be misleading a person who receives it. It is also possible to misinterpret your own feelings and intentions. Here is some info to understand the significance of a ring given as a gift to women.

The meaning behind the Ring

First of all, let's come back to the symbolism of the rings. Rings, regardless of the kind of material it is made is often regarded as a symbol of eternal beginnings. In many cultures, the circle and the cycle... represent the idea of eternity and infinity. That's why, since the beginning of time, we've been accustomed to giving the ring of our loved person as a symbol of the commitment to be with them for eternity. The wedding ring or engagement ring is a jewelry item that signifies bond of love between two individuals. This meaning can be extended to friendship. Friend rings are shared between friends to strengthen the bonds that unite the group.

The circle is also a sign of belonging. The ring one wears therefore acts as a mark of recognition between members from the same group or the same community... It is the same for University rings, signet ring, Masonic rings...

Rings for women are a thoughtful gift. It's all dependent on whom you give it to, and what the circumstances are.

A proof of eternal love

To the woman you love gifting a ring can be an unquestionable evidence of your love and affection that you feel for her. A gold ring with a solitaire diamond is the perfect gift to propose an engagement and is a symbol of purity and endurance. The simple platinum or gold ring is often enhanced with precious gemstones. It symbolizes an everlasting marriage.

To express your love, a diamond engagement ring is the perfect present. The woman to whom you give it should not be mistaken in your motives.

A sign of friendship

But, it's possible to give a ring to a woman without having a romantic significance. Beware of creating a bizarre look by staying clear of solitaire rings and wedding rings. Give a band of friendship or a costume jewelry piece or a unique design that goes beyond the traditional rules that are associated with engagement and marriage.

You can offer this type of ring as a gift for a birthday, an important event, the Christmas season...

To show affection

Giving a woman rings can be viewed as a basic expression of affection. It could be given as an Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas or birthday present. You can also choose designs which are not traditional wedding rings and engagement rings. For example, you can select a ring embellished with fine stones, jewels, geometric patterns, precious stones, etc.


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