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A World Of Ice And Fire Mod Companions

Welcome to A World of Ice and Fire. A modification for Mount&Blade;: Warband based off of GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO TV show Game of Thrones. This mod has used Brytenwalda's source as a base to re-build upon.Be prepared to create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of Game of Thrones. A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings, lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

a world of ice and fire mod companions

The starting location of the Companions differ from game to game, and each will change locations at times, so it's best to check the tavern whenever you enter a town. You can, however, select the "Gather Companions" option in character creation to have most companions be in the starting tavern for the first few days.

The lists below conflict with each other in your party, you'll have to pick the companions grouped together for the first column or second column in the same row to have a stable party (i.g Alen Clargyl, Fenna, Maron or choose to use Roderick and Ser Bennis Hollow Hill).

In 1.4, the companion system recieved an overhaul, with all companions now being stationary, being recruitable from only one specific location. Additionally, several companions have had their names changed, and a new non-mercenary companion has been introduced.

All companions now seem, in effect, to be 'noble' (regardless of what they say in their discussions with you), as they all have their own trait (upstanding, pitiless, etc.) when granted a fief, and this can be checked via the maester in your castle. I have compiled a list of those companions who are less troublesome than others when made into lords:

As part of 1.4, sellsword companies are now available for hire, and the leaders of these companies become companions once you have paid for the company. These captains will remain with you permanently, unless you choose to separate from them. In the current implementation, only the leader of each sellsword company becomes a companion, but the quote below was from a preview released by Cozur before 1.4, and may suggest that other members of the sellsword companies could become companions in the future.

A brief analysis of the companions tells us that while their backstories may be filled out in depth, their skill distribution as of 6.0 are very shallow. Companions are very clearly divided into martial and support categories. Almost all companions with starting Weapon Proficiency above 75 also have zero starting Intelligence skills, and vice versa. No companion starts with Power Throw, Looting, Foraging, Tracking, Path Finding, Inventory Management, or Prisoner Management.

I offer here a simplistic method of allocating roles to companions in 6.0. Use all companions with Power Draw as archers. Of the remainder, select those with less than 75-80 proficiency as support/int characters and give them crossbows (except Carver, maybe). The last group should all have Riding of 4+ (except Ser Osgrey at 3) and good proficiency, which easily make heavy cavalry.

The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones is a companion book for George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. Written by Martin, Elio M. García Jr. and Linda Antonsson, it was published by Bantam on October 28, 2014.[1][2][3] The 326-page volume is a fully illustrated "history compendium" of Martin's fictional world, written from the perspective of an in-world "Maester" and featuring newly written material, family trees, and extensive maps and artwork.[4][5]

Addressing comparisons of The World of Ice & Fire to J. R. R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, Martin clarified that while his book provides a basic overview of the many areas of his fictional world and their histories, he plans to someday publish a more extensive volume focusing primarily on the Targaryens, which he jokingly dubbed The GRRMarillion.[9] As plans for an eventual second companion book became more solidified, Martin said that it would more formally be titled Fire & Blood, because it gives expanded detail on the reign of each Targaryen king.[10]

Martin teased the book in July 2013 with a blog post praising Marc Simonetti's drawing of the Iron Throne, which was to appear in the book, as very close to his own idea of the throne, compared to the TV series version.[12] Upon the 2014 release of The World of Ice & Fire, he called its representation of the throne by Simonetti "absolutely right".[13] Martin said he had wanted the book to be a fully illustrated volume with art from "the top fantasy illustrators in the world."[9]

There are ten actions that the player can take that cause a potential, immediate detriment to party morale. Unlike companion preferences, morale boosts are not possible due to actions taken by the player. Players can possibly offend one or more companions in their party by:

The Outer Worlds is a wonderful science fiction adventure in which you take on the role of a passenger of the Hope (an abandoned colony ship), who has been awoken suddenly and asked to save the rest of the passengers before it is too late. This satirical, captivating RPG has a unique solar system to explore, full of various planets, thrilling quests, and of course, exciting companions to join you along the way.

The companions you recruit along the way can help you out during quests, navigate challenges that they are experts in, and offer advice when you need it. So, it's incredibly useful to have a couple of companions with you during your adventures, especially when trying to level up fast. The companions help you feel a little less lonely on your big adventure through the Halcyon colony. But, which out of the six of them is the best companion in the solar system?

Updated September 29, 2022, by Luke Ackroyd: While you wait for the sequel, The Outer Worlds is still worth returning to time and time again. The Outer Worlds companions are a great highlight of this wonderful game. They offer their own insights on the decisions and dilemmas you face throughout your adventure. You can also get to know them more and by helping them out with their own personal quests. This Outer Worlds best companions ranking list has been updated to provide you with more information about each companion. This includes where to find them and what skills they assist you in when you have them by your side.

Ellie is excellent for boosting your healing capabilities, as well as providing bonuses for your lie, medical, and engineering skills. But Ellie is very untrusting, and mainly does things in her own interest rather than for other people. This doesn't make for the friendliest of companions. Still, she will get along with you on a professional level (even if your profession slides into illegal activities from time to time).

Nyoka's companion quest has quite an epic finale, as you take down a terrifying Mantiqueen to avenge her fallen allies. It's definitely up there as one of the best companion quests in the game. You learn about her loyalty to her companions and help her move on from her past. As an added bonus, Nyoka also always has exciting stories to share during your travels, which are always entertaining to hear.

Max has a wonderful character arc during his side quest. His entire worldview is crumbled, and with your help and support, he can finally find peace. After this, he's a joy to be around (even if he's still a little pompous at times), offering advice and trying to make the world a better place.

In the Dungeon Siege Series, Companions are characters who can join the player on their quest through the world. Companions first appeared in Dungeon Siege and have been available in all subsequent games, each major release also has a different number of companions that can accompany a player at any given time.

Dungeon Siege only allows a maximum of eight companions, including the player character. Companions who are either rejected upon meeting or who are dismissed from party will stay where they are until recruited again.

Dungeon Siege II allows up to a maximum of four party members on Normal difficulty, five members on Veteran dififculty and six members on Elite difficulty. Any companions dismissed from party will be sent back to the tavern in the nearest village. The player is no longer allowed to dismiss their starting character.

In Dungeon Siege II, Dungeon Siege III and Broken World no character requires an upfront payment in cash for being hired. All companions are either given freely or require a quest to be completed prior.

Companions have access to the identical attribute and skill categories. They level the same way as the player character does: By dealing damage. In Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II , a larger party means that individual party members will earn fewer experience points per person, meaning that players who travel with a large party may encounter companions that are above their average level. The inverse is also true where a solo player will encounter underleveled companions as the game progresses.

Unlike Dungeon Siege II's experience allocation system where all experience points earned are equally shared among the party members regardless of individually dealt damage, Dungeon Siege companions who deal lower amounts of damage may have a tendency to lag behind. Therefore it is important to make sure that any dedicated healers (most probably Nature Mages) also use offensive spells often so as not to lag behind in experience earned.

Taking place in a fictitious 30 years before FINAL FANTASY XV, this game features retro-style inspired graphics centered around a fast-paced combat system with influences from modern gaming. The in-depth combat system blends intense attacks, devastating magic, mighty summons and unique companion attacks into a singular gaming experience through three diverse locations in the world of FINAL FANTASY XV.


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