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Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi

Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi: A Viral Video You Need to Watch

Do you remember Stickam, the live-streaming video website that launched in 2005 and shut down in 2013? If you do, you might also remember some of the popular videos and personalities that emerged from the platform. One of them was Skatergirl147, a teenage girl who became famous for her curling iron tutorial video.

stickam skatergirl147 curlingiron avi

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi, including what it is, why it went viral, and where you can watch it now. Let's get started!

What is Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi?

Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi is a video that was uploaded on Stickam by a user named Skatergirl147 in 2007. The video shows Skatergirl147 demonstrating how to curl her hair with a curling iron while chatting with her viewers. The video is about 10 minutes long and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The video is not remarkable for its content, but for its unexpected twist. At around the 8-minute mark, Skatergirl147 accidentally burns her hair with the curling iron, causing a large chunk of her hair to fall off. She then freaks out and runs off the camera, leaving her viewers shocked and amused.

The video quickly became viral on Stickam and other websites, such as YouTube, Reddit, and 4chan. It received millions of views, comments, and reactions from people who found it hilarious, cringeworthy, or relatable. It also spawned many parodies, remixes, and memes.

Why the Video Went Viral

Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi is a classic example of a viral video, a video that spreads rapidly online through social media and word of mouth. But what makes a video go viral? There is no definitive answer to this question, but some factors that may contribute to a video's popularity online are:

  • Emotion: The video evokes strong emotions in the viewers, such as amusement, shock, sympathy, or curiosity. Emotions can motivate people to share the video with others who might feel the same way.

  • Surprise: The video has an unexpected twist or outcome that catches the viewers off guard and makes them want to see more. Surprise can also create a sense of suspense and curiosity that keeps the viewers hooked.

  • Relevance: The video relates to something that is popular or trending at the time, such as a celebrity, a movie, a song, or a meme. Relevance can also make the video more relatable and appealing to the viewers.

  • Validation: The video validates or challenges the viewers' opinions, beliefs, or identities. Validation can make the viewers feel good about themselves or their choices, while challenge can make them rethink or question their assumptions.

  • Congruency: The video matches or contrasts with the expectations of the viewers based on the title, thumbnail, or description. Congruency can make the video more satisfying or intriguing to the viewers.

  • Network involvement: The video involves or influences the viewers' social networks, such as their friends, family, or online communities. Network involvement can increase the social pressure or incentive to share the video with others.

Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi has many of these factors that make it viral. It evokes emotions of amusement and shock in the viewers who witness Skatergirl147's hair mishap. It surprises them with an unexpected twist that they did not see coming. It relates to something that is popular and trendy at the time, which is curling hair with a curling iron. It validates or challenges the viewers' opinions or experiences with curling hair or using a curling iron. It contrasts with the expectations of the viewers who expected a normal tutorial video. And it involves or influences the viewers' social networks who might have similar interests or hobbies as Skatergirl147.

Where to Watch the Video Now

Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi is no longer available on Stickam, as the website shut down in 2013. However, you can still watch the video on other platforms online, if you are curious or nostalgic about it. Here are some of the places where you can watch Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi now:

  • YouTube: YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world, and it has many copies and versions of Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi uploaded by different users. You can search for the video by its title or by keywords such as "curling iron fail" or "skater girl burns hair". You can also find some reaction videos and parodies of the original video.

  • Tubi: Tubi is a free streaming service that offers thousands of movies and TV shows. It also has a section called "Not on Netflix" that features some rare and obscure videos, including Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi. You can watch the video for free with ads on Tubi's website or app.

  • The Video Dead: The Video Dead is a website that collects and preserves some of the most bizarre and creepy videos from the internet. It has a category called "Stickam" that showcases some of the most memorable and shocking videos from the defunct platform, such as Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi. You can watch the video on The Video Dead's website, but be warned: it is not for the faint of heart.


Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi is a viral video that shows a girl accidentally burning her hair with a curling iron while live-streaming on Stickam. The video became popular online because of its emotion, surprise, relevance, validation, congruency, and network involvement. The video is no longer available on Stickam, but you can still watch it on YouTube, Tubi, or The Video Dead.

Stickam Skatergirl147 Curlingiron Avi is a classic example of how a simple video can become a viral sensation on the internet. It is also a reminder of how unpredictable and hilarious the internet can be. Whether you find the video funny, cringy, or relatable, you can't deny that it is one of the most memorable videos from the Stickam era. d282676c82


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