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A Flying Jatt 720p Hd Movie Download //FREE\\

A Flying Jatt 720p HD Movie: A Superhero Comedy with a Message

A Flying Jatt is a 2016 Hindi action adventure comedy film starring Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez. The film is directed by Remo D'Souza and produced by Balaji Motion Pictures. The film tells the story of Aman, a timid young man who gains superpowers after being struck by a holy tree. He becomes a reluctant superhero who fights against the evil Raka, a mutant created by the pollution of Malhotra, an industrialist who wants to destroy Aman's land. The film is a mix of humor, action, romance and social awareness.

A Flying Jatt 720p hd movie download

In this article, we will review the plot, cast, music and reception of A Flying Jatt 720p HD movie. We will also provide you with some links where you can watch or download the movie online.

Plot of A Flying Jatt 720p HD Movie

The film begins with a flashback of Aman's father, who was a brave martial arts teacher and a protector of the land where a holy tree grows. He died while fighting Malhotra's goons who tried to cut down the tree. Aman inherits his father's land and his martial arts school, but he is afraid of heights, dogs and fighting. He is in love with Kirti, a bubbly teacher who works in the same school.

One night, Aman goes to the tree to pray for courage. He is attacked by Malhotra's men who have hired Raka, a ruthless mercenary, to chop down the tree. Aman tries to stop them but gets injured. The tree emits a bright light and transfers its power to Aman, while Raka gets exposed to toxic waste and falls unconscious.

Aman wakes up the next day and discovers that he has superpowers such as flying, super strength and healing. He also has a tattoo of a khanda (a Sikh symbol) on his back. He decides to use his powers for good and becomes a superhero named Flying Jatt. He wears a blue turban and a mask to hide his identity.

Raka also wakes up and finds out that he has become a mutant who can absorb any form of pollution and grow stronger. He becomes Malhotra's weapon to destroy Flying Jatt and take over his land. Raka also develops a grudge against Flying Jatt for ruining his face.

The film follows the adventures of Flying Jatt as he tries to balance his superhero duties with his personal life. He faces various challenges such as saving people from disasters, fighting Raka and his minions, dealing with his overprotective mother and impressing Kirti. He also learns about his father's legacy and the importance of protecting the environment.

Cast of A Flying Jatt 720p HD Movie

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring their characters to life. Here are some of the main cast members of A Flying Jatt 720p HD movie:

  • Tiger Shroff as Aman Dhillon/Flying Jatt: The protagonist of the film who gains superpowers from a holy tree and becomes a superhero. He is shy, clumsy and fearful but also kind-hearted, loyal and brave.

  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Kirti: The love interest of Aman who works as a teacher in his school. She is cheerful, energetic and supportive of Aman's superhero persona.

  • Nathan Jones as Raka: The antagonist of the film who becomes a mutant after being exposed to toxic waste. He works for Malhotra and wants to kill Flying Jatt and destroy his land.

  • Kay Kay Menon as Mr. Rakesh Malhotra: The main villain of the film who is an industrialist and a polluter. He wants to acquire Aman's land where the holy tree grows and use it for his projects.

  • Amrita Singh as Mrs. Dhillon: Aman's mother who is proud of her son's superhero identity. She is funny, caring and protective of her son.

Gaurav Pandey as Rohit Dhillon: Aman's brother who is a lawyer and helps him in his superhero missions. c481cea774


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