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The First Slam Dunk

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The First Slam Dunk


Kurland later noted that the ceremony and style around dunks have come a long way since he first "stuffed it in," referencing the 2011 NBA dunk contest when former Oklahoma star Blake Griffin dunked over a car.

While perhaps not a household name outside of Oklahoma State circles, Kurland was one of college basketball's first stars, in addition to being the originator of the dunk at the college level. He was a three-time First Team All-American who was named the NCAA Tournament's Most Outstanding Player twice during Oklahoma A&M's back-to-back national championships in 1945-46. The Aggies went 99-22 in his four-year career.

An interesting side note is that Kurland's imposing size and skill at the rim helped prompt the NCAA to also add a rule against goaltending. From Oklahoma State's media guide: "It is probable that Kurland had more to do with the rule against goaltending than any player since he was the chief target of the rule." He once blocked 17 shots, including 10 in the first half, against Oklahoma when goaltending was still legal.

How many players have had a bigger impact on the strategy and rules of basketball than Kurland, who both introduced college basketball to the dunk (which was later banned temporarily) and was so good defensively that goaltending was outlawed?

On Dec. 21, 1984, West Virginia's women's basketball team was facing off against the University of Charleston, when Georgeann Wells caught a pass at midcourt with no defenders in front of her, and dunked. It was the first dunk by a player in NCAA Division I women's basketball.

Wells would go on to score 1,484 points, grab 1,075 rebounds and block 436 shots in her time at West Virginia, but no moment would live up to the dunk. And if you need any more proof as to how impressive of a feat it was, no other player would dunk in women's college basketball for another 10 years.

The ABA players would get creative and try to do things that were never seen before. People would get to the games early just to see the guys in the lay-up lines. After fan favorite Thompson pulled off the cradle the baby dunk during the warm-ups, the crowd went crazy. Thompson was the shortest player in the dunk contest at 6-foot-4, but Dr. J once said that David played like he was 7 feet tall.

Playing for NC State from 1972-75, he would become one of the greatest college basketball players in the history of the sport. Thompson led the Wolfpack to its first NCAA Championship in 1974 and was a three-time Consensus All-American and ACC Player of the Year. Thompson missed out with the no dunk rule in place as well as the 3-point shot not being implemented yet.

While at North Carolina State, David and his teammates participated in a basketball camp at The Citadel where at the time former NC State basketball player Les Robinson was the head coach. At the end of the camp, they would play an All-Star Game between the college ballplayers, campers, local guys, etc. During half-time of the all-star game, David was doing some dunks and went up and really threw one down, so hard he shattered the glass of the backboard.

The movie debuted on February 3, 2023, in Japan and immediately went to the top of the box office on its first weekend. During its first three days in Japan, the movie sold 813,000 tickets and made 1,158,765,410 yen which is about $8.75 million.

Hard-core fans will be please to know that the pop-up store also houses manuscripts and draft illustrations in display boxes for viewing. These manuscripts have never left Japan until now, debuting in Hong Kong for the first time ever.

Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a THE FIRST SLAM DUNK movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon! THE FIRST SLAM DUNK is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch THE FIRST SLAM DUNK for free throughout the year are described

With the anime's 101-episode run, it'll be impossible to fit the entire story into its two-hour runtime without rushing things out, so the final arc makes a good fit since it also packs in plenty of heart-stopping court action. Naturally, that means first-timers are thrown right into the deep, but The First Slam Dunk thankfully provides sufficient context for them to catch up and develop a basic understanding of the overarching plot.

The smooth arc of the ball in the air, close-up shots of a dribbling sequence, and the run-up into a slam dunk - all of these feel moments take on a more dynamic, striking look on the 3D stage. Outside of the court, the visuals are more of a hit-or-miss affair, blending in smoothly in some instances, and looking out of place in others. 041b061a72


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