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How to Watch Bewafaa (2005) Online in HD Quality

How to Watch Bewafaa (2005) Online in HD Quality

Bewafaa (2005) is a Bollywood drama movie starring Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and Sushmita Sen. The movie revolves around Anjali, who marries her sister's widower Aditya to take care of her twin nieces, but rekindles her old love with Raja, a musician, when he visits Delhi for a concert.

HD Online Player (Download Bewafaa (2005) HDRip 720p x)

Download File:

If you want to watch Bewafaa (2005) online in HD quality, you have several options to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • PogoLinks: This is a website that provides direct Google Drive download links for Bollywood and Hollywood movies and web series. You can download Bewafaa (2005) in full HD quality with Hindi audio in various resolutions and sizes. You can also watch the movie online for free on the website. However, you may have to deal with some ads and pop-ups on the site.

  • KickassTorrents: This is a popular torrent site that hosts a variety of movies, TV shows, games, music and more. You can download Bewafaa (2005) HDRip 720p x264 MaNuDiL SilverRG torrent from this site and use a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent to download the movie. However, you may have to use a VPN or proxy to access the site as it may be blocked in some regions.

  • SoundCloud: This is a platform that allows you to stream and share audio files online. You can listen to HD Online Player (Download Bewafaa (2005) HDRip 720p X) audiobook or excerpt on SoundCloud desktop and mobile. However, you may not be able to watch the movie visually on this platform.

  • Virtudojo: This is a website that provides verified download links for movies, TV shows, games and more. You can download HD Online Player (download VERIFIED Bewafaa (2005) HDRip 720p X) PDF file from this site and use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader to view the movie. However, you may not be able to enjoy the movie in full HD quality on this platform.

These are some of the ways you can watch Bewafaa (2005) online in HD quality. However, we recommend you to watch the movie legally on platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix if they are available in your region. Enjoy watching!

Bewafaa (2005) is directed by Dharmesh Darshan, who is known for his romantic dramas like Raja Hindustani and Dhadkan. However, this movie fails to live up to his previous works and delivers a weak and outdated plot that lacks logic and emotion. The movie tries to explore the theme of infidelity and its consequences, but does so in a superficial and unconvincing way.

The movie suffers from poor performances by the lead actors, especially Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. Kareena plays Anjali, a woman who is torn between her love for Raja and her duty towards Aditya. However, she fails to portray the complexity and depth of her character and comes across as a confused and selfish woman who does not care about anyone's feelings. Akshay plays Raja, a musician who is madly in love with Anjali and does not give up on her even after she marries someone else. However, he overacts in most of the scenes and makes his character look like a stalker and a creep.

The only saving grace of the movie is Anil Kapoor, who plays Aditya, a businessman who marries his brother's widow out of compassion and respect. He gives a dignified and restrained performance as a man who loves his wife but does not force his feelings on her. He also shares a good chemistry with Sushmita Sen, who plays his first wife Aarti in a cameo role. The supporting cast of Manoj Bajpayee, Shamita Shetty and Kabir Bedi are wasted in insignificant roles.

The movie also has some good songs composed by Nadeem-Shravan, such as Ek Dilruba Hai, Kaise Piya Se and Pyaar Ka Anjaam. However, they are not enough to save the movie from being a boring and tedious affair that tests the patience of the viewers. Bewafaa (2005) is a movie that should be avoided by anyone who values their time and money. 0efd9a6b88


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