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Nestor Blokhin
Nestor Blokhin

Orcad Portable 16

Abstract:Variable transmission applications for light control or energy saving based on electrochromic materials have been successfully applied in the past in the building, sports, or automotive fields, although lower costs and ease of fabrication, installation, and maintenance are still needed for deeper market integration. In this study, all-printed large area (900 cm2 active area) flexible electrochromic devices were fabricated, and an autoregulating self-power supply was implemented through the use of organic solar cells. A new perspective was applied for automotive light transmission function, where portability and mechanical flexibility added new features for successful market implementation. Special emphasis was placed in applying solution-based scalable deposition techniques and commercially available materials (PEDOT-PSS as an electrochromic material; vanadium oxide, V2O5, as a transparent ion-storage counter electrode; and organic solar modules as the power supply). A straightforward electronic control method was designed and successfully implemented allowing for easy user control. We describe a step-by-step route following the design, materials optimization, electronic control simulation, in-solution fabrication, and scaling-up of fully functional self-powered portable electrochromic devices.Keywords: electrochromic; self-powered; photovoltaic integration; adaptive envelopes; energy-saving envelopes

Orcad Portable 16

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General:This program does not seem to be quite as user friendly as some that I have used, but it did still do pretty much what I wanted it to. I have used PCBArtist and liked the interface, so I would say that this program in and of itself could use a little bit of a hand, but I am glad to see a portable PCB program.

I started the program at my colleges library and it said "You are not allowed to write to the registry!! Write access is necessary for this application! Program will be terminated." This could explain the admin problem. If the program truly is portable then obviously it doesn't write to the registry so it could be something in the original program itself.

Sorry, 9 out of 10 apps here writes to the registry. They simply backup/restore the reg items so that the 'portable app' doesn't interfere. There is likely a problem between admin rights,user rights, and networked folders. Relaxing the admin required flag will cause a problem with networked folders...

The H-Block properties are incorrect. Hierarchy in Capture is joined by Schematic folder so "Implementation" needs to be the name of the Schematic folder that you want the block to reference in the design, in your sample, this is the default "Schematic1" for both blocks, The "Implementation Path" needs to be path and filename for the DSN file (OPJ is just a text file referencing the DSN file and project settings) - you can use .\ for a relative path to make things a bit more "portable". The "Implementation Type" needs to be "Schematic View". Then "everything" will hang together.


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